Ceramic Coating: The Ultimate Car Protection Guide

One of the best things about getting a new car is that fresh ‘new car’ smell you get from the moment you step in. It’s right up there with that perfect shine to the exterior that shows the world that you are the proud owner of a brand new car!

The same goes for the hot rod lovers out there. You will have spent a lot of time and money achieving the desired look for your vehicles, only for them to fade over time.

You can put every spare moment into keeping your pride and joy in pristine condition with regular cleaning and waxing. Over time chips and bodywork stains will still begin to appear. The sun will do some damage. Your once beautifully shiny new car’s overall aesthetic will inevitably start diminishing. There is just not stopping it!

So like that district aroma of a new car, as life goes on the smell will start to fade. The shine of the exterior will often start to lose it’s brilliance. With every day wear and tear, in addition to other external threats, the damage caused by these factors can cause some heartache. This will also significantly decreasing the value of your vehicle if no proper paint protection is applied.

This is where ceramic coating comes to play. The new kid on the block when it comes to the ultimate car protection, this coating has the ability to keep your car looking fresh for many years to come!

If ceramic coating for your car is not something you’ve heard of before, buckle up! Keep reading this post to find out how hot rod specialists in Detroit, KBW Hot Rods can help you with your ceramic coating needs.

Ceramic Coat Product

What is Ceramic Coating?

Before getting into why you should consider getting a ceramic coating for your car, you’ll want to know exactly what it is, how it works, and the benefits of this treatment.

A ceramic coating is designed to help to protect your car’s paintwork against rust, fading and general degrading of the paintwork’s appearance that happens over time. It’s basically like a hardened second skin or a shield.

It is a long-term nanoscopic paint treatment for the exterior of your car. It will typically last ten years or more! The ceramic liquid is applied and cured to then form a hard, durable layer on top of the paint. The microscopic particles will bond together creating an extremely thin coating.

The ceramic is typically made from silicon dioxide which is found in natural materials such as quartz and sand. Some brands may also use titanium dioxide which creates additional hardening and water-repellent  (hydrophobic) properties.

The materials used are designed to help protect your car against some of the blemishes to paintwork that appear over time and that intensify with the age of the car. Essentially the idea is to keep your car looking cleaner for longer!

Like human skin, a car’s paintwork can be affected by the sun’s UV rays causing damage over time. A ceramic coating is the factor 50+ sun lotion it needs to stay shiny and protected.



Why Get Ceramic Coating for Your Car

First of all, you don’t have to keep your precious car in the garage, undriven, in order to protect it from the elements!

With a ceramic coating, your car is no longer threatened by dust, mud, ice, bugs, stones- all of the things that will slowly start to alter the perfect appearance of a new car.

Secondly, ceramic coatings are brilliant for keeping your vehicle clean- meaning that the once daunting prospect of having to keep your car pristine is no longer an issue. We all know that washing your car all the time is pretty time consuming. Using an automatic car wash can further add to the damage! You will still need to wash your car from time to time, but not nearly as regularly as before.

Your vehicle, with a correctly applied coating, will maintain its clean and glossy exterior appearance as good as when you drove it away from the car dealership for years to come!


What can a Ceramic Coating do?

  • Longevity- The effects of ceramic coating can last for years instead of waxing and other methods of preservation that only last a few months at best. You get that ‘freshly waxed’ appearance for years.
  • It protects- A ceramic coating protects your vehicle against harmful UV rays or other stain causing chemicals that will impact the overall aesthetic.
  • It’s hydrophobic- Like a duck in water, with a ceramic coating, your vehicle is no longer impacted by the threat of water damage. This also means that your car keeps itself cleaner for longer during washes.
  • It is anti-stick- dirt, dust and splattered bugs like to cling to a vehicle. With its unique anti-stick properties, ceramic coatings repel the nasty things that make your car dirty over time.


What Limits does a Ceramic Coating have?

Like many of the best things in the world, a ceramic coating is not an indestructible solution to all of your car maintenance needs. Here are a few limitations of the ceramic coating.

  • You still need to wash your car- in spite of the coating extending the amount of time between washing, ceramic coating does not eliminate the need to clean your car entirely
  • It doesn’t stop some scratches-Some manufacturers claim that a ceramic coating will stop scratches from happening to your car’s paintwork, but this isn’t the case. Deep impacting scratches can still happen, even with a coating.
  • It won’t last forever- In spite of being able to last for over a decade depending on the product used and the care taken, a new coat will need to be reapplied at some point. Companies that claim that these coatings last forever may fail to mention that you will need regular top ups to maintain the coating.



What else can I get ceramically coated?

As well as the exterior paintwork, you can also get  ceramic coating for your wheels. This is a useful thing to have done for several reasons.

Previously, we mentioned one of the benefits of ceramic coatings being the need to clean your car as much is not necessary. If your wheels are not also coated, then they continue to pick up dust, dirt, and gas fumes. They will continue to get incredibly dirty over time. This will ruin the overall look of your car. With a coating, these contaminants will no longer stick to the wheels, meaning a less frequent, but less laborious clean when you have to.

As the part of your car that is lowest towards the ground and the threats of the road beneath them, your rims are at risk of vulnerability over time. They will be constantly hit by wheel debris which will damage them over time. A ceramic coating will give them the extra protection they need.


Ceramic Coat Wheels


If your wheel rims have become dull and worn out over time, a ceramic coating can give them the special treatment they deserve. Just one application can make them look as good as new.

The same goes for your exhaust pipe. Being in such close proximity to the exhaust fumes will have an impact on its appearance and function over time. A coating will not only keep it looking clean, but will also protect it from any potential damage caused by these fumes.


Protection from the inside out

If you thought that ceramic was exclusively designed for the exterior of your car, you are mistaken. While it may not seem to be the most logical use of ceramic coating, it can still be used to protect the inside of your vehicle.

The repelling nature of ceramic can be used to ensure that the fabric of your seats remain in good condition. They can work to repel the inevitable dust and dirt from everyday living, keeping stains from setting in without compromising in the comfort you know and love.


Go Pro, or DIY?

Of course, there are ways in which you can complete the task yourself Unless you have the training and experience, it’s always going to be better to use a professional service such as KBW Hot Rods. We have years in experience in dealing with daily drivers and hot rods from a number of decades in the Detroit area.

Here are some of the advantages of using a professional service over going it alone.

  • You are protected by a Warranty- by going it alone, you have no warranty in place to protect you in the event that something goes wrong during the process.
  • It is longer-lasting- a professional will have access to a higher quality, professional substance that will last longer, providing greater protection longer down the line. DIY coatings are likely to only last around three years, while a professional coating will last over ten.
  • The finish is better- before applying a ceramic coating, a professional will apply paint correction to the paintwork which gives an overall smoother and more glossy finish. This just cannot be achieved in your home garage.

This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do your own ceramic coating on your vehicle.
It will require a high level of care and preparation to complete to a high standard, though.

A thorough job will keep your vehicle looking as good as it can get without monthly resprays.

At KBW Hot Rods, we are proud of our specialist equipment, access to the best materials and knowledge spanning over 30 years in the automotive business.

Ceramic Coat

How do I find the best ceramic coater for me?


When you’re looking for a professional coater, there are several things you should look into to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Firstly, you will want to do a little research on the company’s background. On their business website, they should have published reviews and publications for potential customers to read through to assess their trustworthiness. Social media platforms can also be a good indicator as to what a company is like at dealing with their customers and how popular they are in the local area.

During your research you will soon learn how reputable a company is, as well as other areas of specialty that they deal with alongside ceramic coating. It’s a good idea to gather an understanding of this as you may find yourself using the same place as a one-stop-shop for all of your car needs.


How much Does Ceramic Coating Cost?

There are several different services that should be considered when totaling up the cost of a ceramic coating. These costs may include:

  • Preparation
  • Paint correction
  • Installation
  • UV curing
  • Cost of materials
  • Cost of coating

The cost may also depend on the size and age of the vehicle as extra care will have to be taken depending on these factors. Another factor to consider would be if you wish to get multiple car parts coated-ie: body work, wheels, exhaust and interiors. The greater the surface area covered, the higher the cost at the end of it.


In Conclusion

Picking the right company for the job of installing your ceramic coating is one of the most important things to do.

We have talked a lot about car ceramic coatings;

  • What they are
  • The pros and cons of ceramic coatings
  • What they can and cannot do
  • Why you should hire a professional to do the job properly
  • Where you can have ceramic coatings installed
  • Guidance about the costs to get the job done


Prior to committing to an installer, remember what areas you should research so that you get the best service for the best price possible.

Here at KBW Hot Rods, we have worked with customers for over three decades turning their dreams into reality. We’d love to work with you next!


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